Love means never having to say SORRY!……. (really?)


This just came into my inbox, from a “senior” date matching service, who somehow (?) got my email address and regularly sends me photos

I could never date a rebel

of  (im)possibly perfect matches;

Their subject line reads like this:
“Are there matches you’re not…. GETTING…… yet? ”    

Well, since you asked, let me answer!!!

Obviously there ARE matches that I am not GETTING……..!!! surprise surprise……smirk on face…….

this is a smirk

Just to clarify things, THIS is what I don’t GET;

I don’t get their lies (embellishments perhaps)
I don’t get their photos,  from 25 years ago, really?( I can “date” your fashion, sir)
I don’t get that they “really don’t want to date anyone with children” (that narrows down their selection pool)
I don’t get that every single damn one of them likes “long walks on the beach” (how original)

long walks on the beach, yep, seriously

I don’t get that none of them use spell check and that their verb tenses do not match (did you graduate high school?)
I don’t get  that they only want to date someone between the ages 21-35 (oh, excuse me, and how old would you be senior sir?)

although he did say he might make an exception up to age 45

So….let me answer that match services subject line…
“YES”  yes there is something that I am not getting, ….and I might add that I am very glad, too……….

Now on to more serious matters……
This has been bothering me, because I am a worrier…..(wish I was warrior,

could I be her please? even for just a few hours?

but no, I’m more a worrier)…..

always have been, pretty much since I was born……

sketch by my father, of me at 9 weeks


I got a little anonymous criticism this week about my “concocted blarney” regarding one of my earlier blogs in which I showed photos and made up what I thought to be a very sweet love story. It seems someone thought that I was totally disrespectful to survivors of the subject.
Well, first off I apologize if I offended anyone.
But I just gotta say that if there are any survivors, where were they when the subject needed them? Hoarding and “hoarders” have always been with us,

E L Doctorow did a “fictionalized” story of these famous brothers who died amid their cluttered apartment filled with over 100 tons of garbage….you’ll enjoy the link above…..

Homer Langley Collyer apartment

It’s even one of the coolest reality shows I have ever seen,

we all secretly watch and love this show

but it is a mental illness. When survivors of the deceased are either incompetent or apathetic to the disbursement of the contents of the home, and I do the dirty work and purchase the contents, then I kinda feel like I am the owner.
And I must tell you that I have a VERY vivid imagination.

not saying I'm a genius, just saying......

I will of course change the names, and I will upcycle the facts, until I develop what I think will be a meaningful story.
And I will embellish. That is my nature.

As for the anonymous critic asking me what I would think “if I found someone posting photos and concocted blarney about my deceased relatives”

what could they possibly concoct about my relatives?

…….I just have to respond that I would think that is about the coolest thing since sliced bread……especially when it developed into a nice love story! (Maybe they didn’t really read my blog).
Now…..sliced bread……..that’s a lead-in hint to another blog about a local bread company family and their abandoned property and shirley temple……soon to be posted so stay tuned…….

Oh Yea…back to the senior service and finding the perfect match for me…..did I just say that I embellish?
I guess I should cut some slack to my perfect matches so they can embellish too, since I just ok’d it for myself.


should I cut these perfect matches some slack?

As for proper grammar…..PLEASE…if you see any mistakes on my blog let me know. I just cannot stand misspellings and grammatically incorrect sentences……and I use a lot of exclamation marks and dot dot dots and commas, so SORRY!


(btw, could you send me somebody like this guy next time?)

i only date them if they are between 21 and 35